Your tickets purchased through us at a discount are good for two consecutive daytime visits.  Upgrade to include the Candlelight  Evening Tour for just $25.00. Candlelight Tours start Nov 3, 2017, there are only a limited number available each night. The Candlelight Tour tickets are not refundable in the event of a cancellation. This combo ticket is a great value at $85, and can cost as much as $99 if purchased for the Biltmore. We will have your tickets here at the Inn. So come Рstay with us Рand enjoy! No Candlelight Tours on Tuesday, November 14th; Thursday, November 26th;
Thursday, December 23th; Sunday, December 25th; Monday December 26

If you want to just do the Candlelight Tour, the best way is to book your time directly by calling the Biltmore.  On weekdays you can stay with us for just one night, weekends do require a two night stay, however you can always call and check with us as to availability.

You can receive reduced rates on Candlelight only tickets by calling 866-779-6293 and use Promo 150 to make your reservations.