Dry Ridge Inn Policies – Please Read

Dry Ridge Inn is our home. Kristen and I do not limit ourselves to just a certain part of the house nor do we expect you to stay in your room.  We want you to enjoy the Inn as if it were a home away from home.


It is a place where you will not see a lot of signs or reminders of what you can and cannot do.  We want you to enjoy yourself, to touch and to experience what the house has to offer. 
Your reservation will be held with your credit card or check at the time the reservation is booked.
Unlike other Inns we do not charge your account until you have enjoyed your visit with us.

Room rates are based on Double Occupancy. Additional persons are $30.00 per night.
Due to our small size, cancellations affect us significantly.
A CANCELLATION FEE equaling 50% of your total reservation will be charged, if your reservation is canceled less than SEVEN DAYS prior to your arrival.
Unlike other Inns we do not charge a SERVICE FEE for cancellations made prior to SEVEN DAYS before your arrival.
A confirmation obligates the guest for the entire length of reserved stay. No refund for late arrival or early departure.
Early departure/not showing up requires full payment of your reservation.


Children of any age are welcome in the first floor rooms “Mary” and “Dora”
Children over the age of 7 are welcome in the second floor rooms “Esther” and “Bess”
We are sorry but we cannot accommodate animals.  Owner is allergic to dander, especially all dogs.
ADA Regs:  You may exclude any animal, including a service animal, from your facility when that animal  poses a direct threat to the health  of others.
We are a Non-Smoking Inn. Smoking allowed outside behind the Inn.
Check-in time is 4:00pm to 8:00pm, this is a guideline, late arrivals (no later than 10pm) can be arranged just check with us ahead of time. Check-out time is 11:00am.
Weekends normally will require a two night minimum.
Shorter stays may become available due to scheduling, so please don’t hesitate to check with us. We will try to accommodate a one-night stay on weekends when we can.